Along with regular road safety rules, motorcycle drivers also need to follow rules that are specific to motorcycles. For this reason, before you go looking for the best bike for a beginner and cruise it along Arizona’s public roads and highways, you’ll need to get a motorcycle license! Getting an Arizona motorcycle license is simple, so read on to learn about the process.

Step #1: Obtaining a motorcycle instruction permit

Before you get your motorcycle license, you first have to obtain a motorcycle instruction permit or learner’s permit. Having a motorcycle instruction permit will let you legally drive a motorcycle, although with a few restrictions. You may be issued an instruction permit if you are at least 15 years and six months of age, and you are required to obtain this motorcycle instruction permit before applying for a license if you are under the age of 18. 

To get an instruction permit, you will need to take a motorcycle operator written test, as well as a  written test if you don’t already have a driver’s license instruction permit.

Step #2: Obtaining a motorcycle license or endorsement

To apply for the motorcycle license or Class M endorsement, you have to be at least 16 years old. Before you obtain this endorsement, however, you will need to have a valid motorcycle instruction permit for six months if you are under 18. Getting your motorcycle license or endorsement will cost seven dollars ($7) as of January 2017. But before you get your license or endorsement, you must go through a process that will assess your knowledge of operating motorcycles and other motor-operated vehicles. 

To get your license, you must be able to pass a knowledge exam and riding skills test. After this, you must present your completion card and certificates to the Arizona Motorcycle Vehicle Department or MVD.

You will also be required to pass a vision exam and pay the $7 endorsement fee. You may also be required to provide proof that you have completed an MVD-approved motorcycle driver training program or a written certificate that you have had at least 30 hours of riding practice on a motorcycle. After all of these requirements have been met, you will now be able to obtain a full motorcycle endorsement to your driver’s license.

Additional information

Your license will have a J restriction if your motorcycle is less than 100cc. You will not be able to drive on interstate highways. Also, in taking the Arizona On-Cycle Skills Exam, you will be assessed on how well you control and maneuver your vehicle and adhere to safety standards. You may need to bring protective motorcycle gear such as gloves, protective footwear, eye protection, proper clothes, and a DOT-approved helmet.


Even the best beginner bikes will be useless if you can’t legally ride them on the roads! You will need to have a motorcycle license to ride around town on a motorcycle. Fortunately, getting a motorcycle license in Arizona is not difficult to do! Read back on the article to review the process and ensure a smooth process in getting your motorcycle license!

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