Motorcycle insurance costs around an average of $702 annually in the US as of 2020. Same as any other vehicle, motorcycles need insurance. Your insurance cost will vary depending on your model, state, driving record, coverage, and age. How well you rate in these categories can help you get a more affordable insurance plan.

Understanding the variables for motorcycle insurance

A motorcycle driver can typically expect anything from $100 to $500 a year for insurance if they own a liability-only coverage. Regardless of whether you own a cruiser or touring model, the price generally won’t go any higher as long as you have a good driving record. 

However, purchasing full coverage can be expensive, depending on your policy’s premium. You should give way for an extra 300-400 dollars a year to add to your insurance costs, depending on how expensive your motorcycle model is.

Unfortunately, the price estimates above only account for motorists with decent driving records. If you run into trouble with road marshals, your bad driving record can considerably affect your premium rates. Since every person’s road record is unique, you may require a specialist’s assistance to track how much your premium price will raise.

Besides your driving record, age and experience also play a critical role in your insurance price. Insurance companies usually tag motorcycle drivers between 16 and 24 as risky motorists. Although their bikes have a lower price tag, their insurance costs can range from $1,000 to $3,000. Regardless of your driving record, you’ll still be paying a four-figure amount.

Thankfully, rates typically get cheaper as you reach the age of 70. The longer your experience in riding a motorcycle, the lower your insurance premiums will be. This applies to motorists between 25 and 60 years of age.

Comparing rates by state

The best states to secure cheap insurance rates are North Dakota and South Dakota, Wyoming, and Nebraska, with average rates just under $500. What they have in common is they are all at the bottom half of all US states in terms of population, reducing risk for motorist-related accidents.

On the other hand, California, Louisiana, Michigan, New York, and Arizona have the highest annual motorcycle insurance rates with a minimum amount of around $1,000. These areas have higher populations and experience generally warmer weather, which allows motorcycle enthusiasts more time on the road.

Paying for your motorcycle insurance

You can acquire discounts from insurance providers if you decide to pay your annual premium without installments. Additionally, you can receive lower rates if you belong to a riding association or other similar groups. An effective way to cut down on your insurance costs is by retrofitting your vehicle with safety features, such as theft-recovery systems and anti-lock brakes. Having these will reduce your insurance add-on coverages by raising your premium’s deductible.


Nothing beats the freedom and joy of being your own person while on your motorcycle. Although owning one has its benefits, you shouldn’t forget to acquire proper training in handling your bike. It’s best to prepare for the worst by having a robust insurance coverage plan, regardless of whether you’re a cautious or an adventurous driver.

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