Various statewide laws make getting a motorcycle license different for each state. In Washington, however, you need to perform one among two choices as a prerequisite before you become eligible to obtain a license. The first is to pass a knowledge and skills test. Another option is to take a motorcycle safety course. If you are a neophyte biker who wants to ride beginner bikes, this article is for you.

Option 1 Vs. Option 2: Which Is Better for Me?

The first option measures your stock knowledge regarding Washington’s driving laws, including your theoretical understanding of safely operating a motorcycle. Some of the questions that could potentially appear are swerving conditions, getting a flat tire while driving, or positioning a passenger for a secure ride. 

Aside from the theoretical tests, you also need to pass a practical test where you display your ability to drive a motorcycle legally and safely. Some of the assessments include cone weave, regular stops, stopping in a turn, U-turns, obstacles swerving, and many more. When you pass both the written and practical tests, authorities will give you a scoresheet that you can use to claim your motorcycle license within 180 days. 

The second option requires you to undergo a safety course successfully in a state-recognized training institution. Similar to the first option, there will be knowledge and skills tests, too. Upon completion, you will receive a course achievement card, which you can utilize to claim your license within 180 days.

The ultimate decision is up to you whether you choose one over the other. If your profession benefits greatly from acquiring a motorcycle safety course, then you should spend the extra cash and use this route to claim your license. However, if you do not require a certificate, you’re better off with the first option instead. 

Extra Licensing and Permit Requirements  

Aside from the mentioned two routes above, the law has several checklists that you need to satisfy before you can obtain a license. You must be at least 18 years of age to do so and must possess a valid out-of-state motorcycle endorsement. If you’re under 18, you need to undergo a rider course from an approved institution and get parental permission.

If you are at least 16 years old and possess a driver’s license under the Washington state, you can apply for a motorcycle permit, provided that you pass a test about motorcycle operation. Parental consent is a must, especially if you are under 18 years old. Also, remember that your permit is only valid for a 90-day timeframe. If it expires, you can request another one with 90 days of validity by paying a renewal fee.

Unlike licensed motorcyclists, permit holders are not legally allowed to carry passengers, regardless of any situation. Riding motorcycles at night are strictly prohibited too. 

Critical Notice for Unlicensed People Planning to Ride a Motorcycle

It is a criminal act to ride a motorcycle if you do not have a valid license or permit in the jurisdiction of the Washington state. It is best to consult with the Washington State Department of Licensing to learn more information.

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