If you own a motorcycle in South Carolina or you’re planning to get one, you should know that you will need a motorcycle license so you can ride your motorbike legally on highways and other public roads.

The DMV requires a motorcycle driver’s license test to make sure that you know all the essential laws and regulations regarding owning and driving a motorcycle. That said, it’s not going to be a separate ID card. Instead, you’re getting a new license class, which is Class M, and it will be added to your existing licenses. That means you need to meet the basic driver’s license regulations as well.

If you need to secure your SC DMV motorcycle license, read on as Beginner Riders, the best motorcycles blog shares the information you need to know:

What Are the Requirements for the South Carolina Motorcycle License Education?

There are specific requirements that you need to meet before you receive your motorcycle license. This applies whether you ride a motor scooter, motorcycle, or other light motor-driven cycles. For one, you should pass a written DMV motorcycle license test and the road test before you qualify for the permit. On top of that, you should take and pass all the basic licensing exams so you can get either a non-commercial or commercial driver’s license. It is worth noting that you won’t have to take the SC motorcycle driver’s license tests when you’re riding three-wheeled bikes like a trike. For that, any vehicle license is sufficient (except moped licenses).

You may schedule a motorcycle license test online when you receive your permit and maintain it for at least 180 days. You need to provide the following information, too:

  • Your full name
  • Your birthdate
  • Your phone number
  • Your driver’s license number
  • The Driving School Name (only if applicable)

You also need to answer questions regarding motorcycle safety, like when you need to wear a helmet, how to properly stop and change lanes safely to avoid endangering yourself and other drivers on the road. Basically, the test will cover the information provided to you in the DMV drivers’ manual. That means you should study the material provided to you. It’s also best that you practice riding with someone with a bike license.

If you are 15 or 16 years old, you need to take a driver’s education course. Connect with your local DMV to see their list of approved courses. Of course, this increases the overall cost of securing a motorcycle license in South Carolina, but the information you’ll gain will be worth it.

You will have to submit the required documentation, including your birth certificate, a valid SC driver’s license, Social Security card, certification of school attendance form (if you’re 18 years old or younger).

Motorcycle License Age Requirements in South Carolina

The DMV in South Carolina says that the privilege of getting a motorcycle license is reserved for drivers at least 15 years of age. As mentioned, unless you’re older than 16, you’d have to take a motorcycle license education course. Apart from that, if you’re younger than 21, you’d have to wear a helmet and eye protection every time you hop on your motorcycle.


Whether you own the best beginner cruiser motorcycle, a sportbike, a dresser, or something else, if you’re going to drive it in South Carolina, you’re going to have your motorcycle license first. That means you have to pass all their written and road tests and submit all the other requirements.

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