You’ll love Oklahoma, even more, when you ride a motorcycle – that’s for sure. Just think about riding through miles and miles of golden plains and enjoying the incredible Oklahoma skies.

Before you get to enjoy all of that, though, you should first ensure that you have your Oklahoma motorcycle license. Beginner Riders, one of the best motorbike blogs in the U.S., shares what you need to know about applying for a motorcycle license in Oklahoma:

What to Do When You’re New to Oklahoma

If you have recently relocated to the Sooner State and have an out-of-state motorcycle license or endorsement, you can transfer your credentials by visiting an OK Department of Public Safety (DPS) driver exam site. To successfully transfer your out-of-state license or endorsement, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Surrender your out-of-state license.
  • Take a vision screening.
  • Pass the written and road motorcycle exams only if your license/endorsement from another state has expired for more than six months.
  • Prove your: U.S. citizenship and identity. The DPS can provide you with a list of documents that they accept for this purpose.
  • The driver exam office will then provide you a form that you can take to a DPS tag agency, where you simply have to pay the Oklahoma motorcycle licensing fees to complete the transfer of your license finally.

Motorcycle Endorsements vs. Licenses

Aside from getting your Oklahoma motorcycle license, you’ll also need to establish if you need a motorcycle endorsement or a license in the Sooner State. Some motorists in Oklahoma only need a motorcycle endorsement to operate their bikes legally, while others may require a license to drive a motorcycle legally.

How do you know which one you need then? Well, you’ll need to go with a motorcycle endorsement if you only plan on riding a motorcycle that is carrying a GVWR of fewer than 4,000 lbs. If, on the other hand, your bike exceeds the 4,000 lb GVWR, you’ll need to get a motorcycle license to ride a motorcycle in Oklahoma.

New Oklahoma Motorcycle Driver Requirements

Before you can get your Oklahoma motorcycle license, you must first meet the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety’s (DPS) requirements, which can be summarized in the following:

  • Be at least 14 years old for a motorcycle-only license or 16 years old for a motorcycle endorsement.
  • Earn a motorcycle learner’s permit.
  • Enroll in a motorcycle education course approved by the OK Department of Public Safety.
  • This is not required for at least 18 years old applicants, though it’ll waive the Pass DPS motorcycle road skills exam, regardless of age.
  • Pass the on-road skills test if you did NOT complete a motorcycle education course.
  • Pay all applicable motorcycle license or endorsement fees.


Even with the best motorbike in the world, you still need to get your license if you want to ride it in the Sooner State. Getting your Oklahoma motorcycle license is easy when you know what you need to do. Remember that you need to get your OK motorcycle license if you want to ride in the state legally, but if you plan to only ride a motorcycle below 500cc, you can opt to get your Oklahoma motorcycle endorsement.

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