Riding a motorcycle is probably one of the most liberating experiences ever. The feeling of being exposed to the wind and feeling it course through you while you power down the roads is unlike any other. This is why you will want to go and get your Northwest Territories Graduated Motorcycle License as soon as possible and ride freely. 

Motorcycles have similar rules to cars, therefore require a similar program to show that one is capable of operating one and being able to ride in unison with other vehicles. The licensing classes begin at a learner’s license and end at the full Class 6 NWT license that offers complete freedom. At Beginner Riders, we have compiled a list of information regarding Motorcycle Licenses in the Northwest Territories of Canada, so read on to find out more:

Obtaining Your NWT Learner’s License:

The Northwest Territories’ graduated driver licensing (GDL) program starts with obtaining a stage 1 or Class 7 NWT learner’s license. Once the Class 7 learner’s license is obtained, riding can be practiced with a licensed supervisor, who can assist you in building the necessary skills until you can apply for an NWT probationary license. Once that is all done, you can finally graduate with a full, unrestricted license starting in Class 5. 

A Learner’s License Guide To Obtaining A Class 7 Faster

It is actually simpler than it seems, and most are even able to pass it on their first try. Here is our guide to obtaining a license with ease:

To obtain a learner’s license, you must be 15 or older to begin the process to get the Class 7 Learner’s License. Then, you will have to take the Class 7 written test that is multiple choice and requires you to correctly answer questions on NWT road signs and road rules. Your local NWT Driver and Motor Vehicle office can give you more information on testing sites, as well as other requirements.

A vision test is required and is standard for anyone applying to be able to get on the roads. A medical professional will test your eyesight to be sure you can safely ride. Additionally, if you require the test in a different language, NWT DMV offices can assist you with this, just reach out to your local office to check if they have available tests in your preferred language.

Class 7 License

Before receiving your license that allows you to ride with freedom on any roads, you need to be an NWT learner’s license holder for at least a year. Additionally, a supervisor who is a class 5 driver with a minimum of two years experience must always supervise you. Be aware of your alcohol consumption, as there is zero-tolerance for alcohol when holding a Class 7 learner’s license, as well as no passengers behind you while riding.

Demerit points on your license that reach more than 6 will make the DMV suspend your driver’s license. 

NWT Motorcycle Probationary License

Once you have the learner’s license, the following license is the probationary license. Remember that operating any motor vehicle requires the proper documentation, and keeping your papers ready for your motorcycle is important. 

Eligibility to be able to move on to a probationary license means going through the processes of the learner’s license, and still, be older than 15 to get on a motorcycle. Before getting a full, unrestricted license, you will need to hold this license for a year more. Again, there is a zero alcohol restriction and 6 demerit points merit suspension. 

NWT Class 6 Motorcycle License

This license means you can operate your motorcycle with freedom on your own. By this time, you are expected to have garnered enough information and experience on road rules and riding skills. You will have to hold the probationary license for a year before being able to obtain the Class 6. 


Motorcycles are great fun, and the simple equation to getting the freedom to ride is patience as well as following all the rules of the road and the ones set by the DMV. Remember that driving and riding is a privilege and not a right, so be sure to always ride responsibly and with care. 

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