With roads as long-winded and lengthy as its name, the Canadian province of Saskatchewan is a must-visit destination for motorcycle riders all over America.

Thanks to its smooth, open roads, unperturbed natural landscapes, and rider-friendly conditions, this destination has established itself as a hotbed for the best scenic routes in the world. If you’re looking for a great place to settle down and enjoy the wide, open road with your trusty two-wheeled steed, then Saskatchewan is definitely an option well worth considering above all else. 

Before you drop everything, pack your bags, and purchase a home in the area to make your final move and go on the ride of a lifetime, there’s one more factor you need to consider: The process of getting a motorcycle license in the area.

A step-by-step guide to getting a Saskatchewan motorcycle license

Similar to any other Canadian province, this land of cold winters, grain farming, and expansive natural landscapes holds a firm grasp on its standards on how a motorcycle license can be attained. In this article, we will share a five-step guide on how to get your license:

Step #1: Make sure you’re qualified

The setlist of requirements that stand in the way of any applicant and a Saskatchewan motorcycle license isn’t as complex as you may expect. 

For starters, you must be at least 16 years of age to qualify for a motorcycle permit or full license and successfully meet the health and vision requirements set by the local government. Regarding requirements and examinations, you must be able to undergo a mandatory training session and pass both the written test and road exam.

Step #2: Pay your fees before you begin

Now that you’ve got the requirements out of the way, the next step in getting a license is to pay for all the necessary fees for your exams. In most cases, you’ll need to pay a total of $64 if you want a full-fledged license, which is comprised of:

  • $10.00 for the written test
  • $10.00 for an exam issuer
  • $22.00 for a motorcycle road test
  • $22.00 for an “M” endorsement after passing

Step #3: Undergo the required training

As a prerequisite for getting a Saskatchewan motorcycle license, the government-administered Motorcycle Driving Course (MDC) is one of the costlier parts of the process at $370.00 upfront. In the span of one weekend, you’ll learn everything about operating a motorcycle safely from balance and control all the way to basic traffic actions and urban riding tactics.

Aside from the MDC, it is also recommended that you browse through the Saskatchewan Motorcycle Handbook to make sure that you’re ready for the written examination!

Step #4: Take the written examination

Once you’ve got everything prepared, it’s time to go through the 70-question examination before you finally reach the final stage of getting your license. Broken up into the basic rules of the road (20 items), signs (30 items), and specific motorcycle questions (20 items), each bear a low margin for error as one must score 16, 26, and 16 on each test to pass.

Step #5: Take your road test and score your license

In the last part of the process, you’ll need to head over to your local testing center with the appropriate riding gear with you so that you can work towards getting your full license the same day. As soon as you pass the examination—which consists of basic actions, situational examinations, and other demonstrations—and get an evaluation of your performance, you can get your license and enjoy the open road!


For anyone who is looking to enjoy the open road of Saskatchewan with their motorcycle, it’s important to carry out all the right steps so that a motorcycle license can be obtained right away. By following the step-by-step guide given above, you’ll be able to enjoy your ride in no time!

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