For most residents in Newfoundland, the possibility of owning and riding a motorcycle bears an excitement that never dies down because of how perfect the province is for two-wheeled trips.

As opposed to most crowded Canadian cities that bear copious amounts of traffic, this destination boasts the lowest roadgoing populations in all of America. Thanks to its spacious routes and long stretches of natural landscapes, Newfoundland continues to establish itself as a haven for motorcyclists from all walks of life, which is why many are drawn here annually.

If you’ve been meaning to start over in a modern paradise that will have you enamored with each ride, then this province is one setting your eyes upon. Before heading over to the local dealership and getting a two-wheeler of your own, however, there’s one crucial part of the process that you need to consider before all else: getting your license.

The process of getting a motorcycle license in Newfoundland isn’t as complicated as it is in other parts of Canada as long as you take the right tips into mind. To best ensure that your efforts, patience, and dedication all pay off, here’s all you need to know about getting a license with your future steed:


Generally, the process of complying with the setlist of requirements to acquire a Newfoundland motorcycle license from the Motor Registration Division (MRD) is as straightforward as it can be. Here’s the complete set of licensing requirements you’ll need to fulfill before you even step in for the vision test:

  • Age: You need to be at least 16 years of age and have the necessary proof of age. 
  • Documented proof: You need to provide a proof of residency (which is usually joined with your proof of age) with a certified seal that’s administered by the necessary authorities. 
  • Additional documentation: You must possess and present a primary or secondary document, such as a Canadian citizenship card, study work permit, marriage certificate, passport, and birth certificate.
  • Special cases: If you’re under 19 years of age, you must fill out and submit a consent form signed by your parents when applying for a learner’s permit.


While it may not be as complex as those of other provinces when it comes to learning requirements and test coverages, the Newfoundland motorcycle license exam is one well worth preparing for.

Generally, the Canadian motorcycle driving handbook alone will suffice in making sure that you’re well equipped to pass each test with flying colors. It also helps, however, to take a motorcycle riding course at an approved training organization to fine-tune your skills for the practical test!


Once you’ve passed all the requirements mentioned above, claimed your learner’s permit, waited for eight months to pass, and paid the $146 fee for the G1 driver’s license, you’ll need to go through and pass the following examinations:

1. The vision test: This test acts as a segregator of eligible and ineligible candidates. To pass this exam, you’ll need to have 20/50 vision with both eyes open. Otherwise, you’ll need to see a specialist and come back with prescribed eyewear so that you can pass.

2. The written test: Comprised of traffic rules, procedures, and basic practices, this test aims to gauge an applicant’s knowledge of the open road before enjoying the open roads.

3. The motorcycle road test: After taking the written test, applicants must pass a road test that seeks to gauge a rider’s knowledge of various procedures and techniques and assess their overall roadworthiness.


With its open roads, ideal riding conditions, and breathtaking natural sights, Newfoundland is perfect for any rider who wants to enjoy the very best Canada has to offer. At the same time, it’s vital to have the necessary licensing on you before all else. With this guide, you can swing right through the process and get your permit and license in no time without any hold-ups!

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