Alberta is launching a new, more efficient road test system to ensure drivers have timely access to tests while keeping Alberta roads safe.

Starting on January 5, 2021, passenger vehicle road tests (Class 4 to 6) will be delivered by private driver examiners through Alberta registry agents. Registry agents started booking these passenger vehicle road test appointments on December 1, 2020 for appointments in January 2021.

When deciding to take on the task of riding a motorcycle, I had to find out what type of licensing I would need in Alberta. 

After some research, I found out I would need to obtain a Class 6 license. In Alberta, 2019 changed the way that licensing was booked and it was one of the most challenging issues when trying to get my motorcycle license in Alberta. There were a few other items that I needed to take care of, but we will go over all of these details and more below.

What is a Class 6 License?

Simply put, a Class 6 License is what you must obtain in Alberta to drive a motorcycle or moped unsupervised. You are also able to drive all other Class 5 vehicles (cars, Trucks, and other single axle vehicles) supervised as a “learner”. 

How do I qualify?

In order to qualify in Alberta to start the process of obtaining a Class 6 license, you must follow the steps outlined below:

No licenses in place:

  1. Pass Class 7 knowledge test.
  2. Hold Class 7 license for a minimum of one year.
  3. Follow Class 7 license holder steps below.

Class 7 license holder:

  1. You must be at least 16 years of age.
  2. You must have held your Class 7 license for a minimum of one continuous year.
  3. Pass Class 6 knowledge test.
  4. Pass Class 6 road test.

Class 5 license Holder:

  1. Pass Class 6 knowledge test.
  2. Pass Class 6 road test.

How much does it cost to get your motorcycle license in Alberta?

Without taking your motorcycle safety training, it should approximately cost you:

Knowledge Test – $17.60

Road Test – $143.00

Total Cost – $160.60

How to get a Class 6 licence?

As you may have noticed, you can’t ride a motorcycle or moped unless you have a Class 6 license. Within this section, we are going to go through the steps you will need to go through in order to get one once you’re able to write the knowledge test and take your road test!  

Knowledge Test

The knowledge test is the written portion of the Class 6 license. You will need to find a registry within your area and ask them to take your Class 6 knowledge exam. 

Pricing will depend on the registry you take your exam but typical ranges between $15 – $20. 

The knowledge test is extremely similar to your Class 7 license (which you should have taken already in order to get to this point). The main difference is that this exam is tailored towards motorcycles and mopeds. 

In order to study, check out the latest Motorcycle Rider’s Guide or check out some practice exams here.

Road Test

Once you have completed the knowledge test, I would highly recommend signing up for a Motorcycle Safety Training Course.

If you’re ready to take your road test, you must book one through the new Online Portal that Alberta has created for licensing and registries.

*QUICK TIP* Check the Online Portal on Friday around noon into the evening. The system recycles the appointments and there will be some that open up. This is how I got my appointment for the week after I took my motorcycle training.

If you’ve completed your motorcycle training, they may have the option of having a motorcycle sent to the registry for you to ride during your test. If they do, great! If they don’t you may need to borrow a motorcycle or possibly purchase one.

Instead of going over my experience with the road test, I will link over to a couple of Youtube videos that do a much better job of explaining the exam.

There are a few items you MUST remember or else you will fail your exam. They are:

  1. Shoulder Check – Be sure to ALWAYS shoulder check when switching lanes and turning.
  2. Be sure to scan intersections when crossing them. 
  3. Do not stop too late – Always before the solid white line.
  4. Do NOT drop your right foot. 
  5. Always be in the ready position.
  6. Mirror – Should – Signal – Shoulder.
  7. Always take the INSIDE lane when turning and signal to move over. 
  8. Shoulder check.
  9. Turn off your signal lights.
  10. Get up to speed quickly.

Purchase Your License

Congratulations, you’ve passed your exam and can now ride a motorcycle! 

Now, all you have to do is get your license. Head back into the registry and see a teller at the counter to go over the next steps for your license. 

You will be given a temporary licence that’s valid for 30 days or until your licence card comes in the mail.

Your licence card should arrive within the 30 days. If it hasn’t arrived in 30 days, you should call the number on the back of your temporary licence and you’ll be given instructions on what to do. Be sure to report the missing licence to a registry agent within 60 days of applying, or you may be charged for a replacement.

When you get your new license in the mail, you’ll have to destroy you temporary licence.

What is a GDL?

GDL stands for Graduated Drivers License. This is a title that new riders get in Alberta before you can upgrade to get your full Class 6 license. You will need to drive for 2 years as a Class 6 GDL driver and have no licence suspensions during the last year to qualify for a full Class 6 licence.

Upgrade to Full Class 6

Once the 2 year probationary GDL term is up, you can now attempt to take a Class 6 advanced road test and upgrade to a full Class 6 licence.

Your Riding Journey Begins!

Want to share? Feel free to leave a comment down below about your Knowledge or Road Test experience in Alberta!