After deciding I wanted to take a Motorcycle Safety Course, I wondered which course would be best suited for me? 

If you’re in a city with multiple different motorcycle safety courses, you have to find which course is right for you. The best way to choose is to ask friends and family, use social channels, look at their Google reviews, view their website, check their pricing, check the instructors, and see if they are a reputable company. If you don’t know where to start, we’ve broken down the process below to get you on track to find a reputable motorcycle safety course in your area.

Ask your friends and family.

Before you begin searching online, ask your friends and family who already ride a motorcycle if they have taken training and who they used along with their experience. If they didn’t use a motorcycle safety course, ask them if they’ve heard of any reputable training companies or if they have any insight when starting out.

Your journey should then move online to complete some further research.  

Social Media Groups

Motorcycle Facebook Groups

If you’re already on Facebook, it could be helpful to join local motorcycle groups and inquire about other rider’s experiences with the motorcycle training courses in your city. 

If you can, create a poll for the group to answer with some common training companies in your area and ask why they voted for the specific company. 

The feedback you get will be extremely helpful and make your decision easier.

You’ve used Google in the past and it is your best friend when researching where to find a motorcycle training company near you. 

Motorcycle Training Google Local Pack

Google makes researching companies near you simple. They include information including: phone number, address, hours of operation, directions, website details, social channels, reviews and more.

There will usually be multiple companies listed within your area and you will need to go through them to find out some more details. I would recommend starting with the reviews.

Read the Reviews

After you’ve completed your search and find a company that you’re interested in, take a look at the reviews to see whether or not they’re reputable company. You can sort by different criteria to find the reviews you would like to look at as well as look at some keywords that are common within the reviews.

Currently, this is how the reviews section will look on a Google My Business page.

Look at the lower star ratings first to see if the people who have had a bad experience have been reached out to in order to rectify the situation. If they haven’t been there is clearly a problem and look elsewhere. If the reviews have been responded to take a look at how the company responded and how they were looking to solve the issue. 

Take a look at this review from a disgruntled customer and how the owner has tried to remedy it. This review was from the company where I took my motorcycle training and my experience was completely different compared to this customer.

If the company is full of 4 and 5 Star reviews then great you found a reputable company. The next step is to take a look at their website. 

Visit their website

On their website they should have a few things detailed first and foremost:

  1. How long they have been in business for.
  2. Who their instructors are and their experience.
  3. Where they are located.
  4. Clear pricing.
  5. Locations.
  6. Types of motorcycles
  7. Requirements to attend.
  8. Clear call-to-action to book an appointment online.

Let’s take a look at each of these items to make sure that you know what to look for

Their History

Every good company website has an about us page or page where they have information about the people who work for them. This page should include the company’s history, the experience of their staff and why the company was started.

Make sure the company has been around for a long time and has a history of providing a great experience for all their riders that matches the reviews that are left on their website. 

Check their Pricing, Policies and Procedures

Pricing, policies and procedures are extremely important and must be transparent on their website. 


If a company does not have pricing listed on their website they normally will not have online booking as an option. This is considered a red flag. If a company is rated highly I would suggest giving them a call and see why they don’t have their pricing listed on the website.

Be sure to shop around and find out what you get with the price you pay. As an example, the company that I used for my motorcycle training gave their graduates the ability to rent a motorcycle for the driving test for free. They dropped off the motorcycle at the registry for me, I passed my exam, and then they picked it up.

Look for those extra perks that companies will give you when you’re choosing a company. 

Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures are normally listed on the website as well and be sure that the company is transparent when listing all of their policies and procedures. If they don’t have a page dedicated to the policies and procedures on the website, give them a call and see if you can get a copy emailed over. This will ensure you’re covered and proactive prior to getting on a motorcycle. 

Review the Instructors and their Experience

You want to learn how to ride a motorcycle from people who have a lot of experience riding. The experience of your instructors is invaluable and is certainly a make-or-break factor when choosing your training company.

Read through the biographies of the instructors listed on their website and if you can’t find detailed information feel free to try another Google search for their name. If all else fails, give them a call. 

Check their certification

If there is any certification within your province or state, be sure that the company is certified to instruct  and is fully insured for your safety. Motorcycles are dangerous and if anything occurs you want to be covered.

Check the locations offered

Usually motorcycle training companies will have multiple locations for you to take your course at. Check the locations and times to make sure that they’re convenient for you.

Types of Motorcycles

The type of motorcycle can have a direct impact on the experience you have during your motorcycle training experience.

The course that I took had Honda Groms and a few road legal dirt bikes. All of the motorcycles were new at the time (2019) new with various kilometers. I chose a Honda Grom because it was a motorcycle with newer technology and was a lot smaller than the other dirt bikes. 

Most motorcycle training courses will have beginner motorcycles for you to ride. However, ensure that the motorcycle type you would like to learn on will be there. Check out our article on the different types of motorcycles to better decide which type of motorcycle you would like to start your journey on. 

Review the requirements to attend

Most companies will have some requirements for you to attend their courses. This will include equipment, specific license types, courses to do prior to the training or forms to be filled out. Ensure that you are able to actually take the course before booking. 

Book your Course

What you’ve gone through and found your company all you have to do is book your training.  Be sure to go through all the course material prior to your training date and pick up the necessary gear in order to start your riding journey. 

After the Course

Once you have completed your motorcycle training course, please leave your feedback on Google or on our site. It’s extremely helpful for you to share how the course was as these companies rely on your feedback to better themselves to provide the best experience possible for future riders.