When searching for the best brands within the motorcycle industry, I found that most articles will point you to the typical brands that build motorcycles. What most won’t tell you are the other brands that are within the motorcycle industry who create products that protect, connect and make you a better rider.

Beginner Motorcycle Brands Guide


When you’re brand new to the motorcycle world you want to make sure that you’re selecting a motorcycle that’s suitable for beginners and easy to learn on.


Yamaha has quite few models perfect for the new rider. Not only will you have a wide selection between sportbikes, cruisers, dirtbikes, and other two-wheeled rides, but Yamaha also offers plenty of models perfect for city or highway cruising. With quite a few motorcycles boasting around 200 horsepower, you’ll be guaranteed an absolutely exhilarating ride on your new bike.


Kawasaki offers an extensive line of bulky and sporty motorcycles ideal for new riders. When you go with Kawasaki, you’ll be given a selection between street, track, and dual-purpose rides. From there, you’ll be able to choose from several different models that range from being high-performance motorbikes to ideal for driving through the gridlock of the city.


Honda motorcycles are great for any new rider looking for a reputable automotive brand. The greatest aspect of Honda cycles is the vast number of rides to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a high-powered cruiser for long stretches of highways, a sportbike for a more thrilling ride, or even just the basics, Honda has quite a few models that’ll meet your exact needs.

Online Retailers

When it’s time to stock up on supplies and equipment to get you on your new bike by springtime, online retailers are some of the best resources for quick shipment and decent prices.


Fortnine is considered one of the best motorcycle retailers in Canada. When you’re a beginner and looking to make your entrance into the motorcycle world, Fortnine could be your prime source for equipment like helmets, tires, parts, and gear. This online retailer sells a majority of the more popular brands that’ll guarantee you a high-quality ride and optimal protection.


Revzilla is superior when it comes to the number of products it offers for motorcycle riders of all experience levels. You’ll be provided with an elaborate assortment of high-end and popular gear to guarantee you the ride of your dreams. Whether you’re looking for tires for your ride, helmets and other safety equipment, or basic accessories, Revzilla has plenty of products available.


Amazon will ensure the widest variety of equipment that you can purchase for your new motorcycle. Rather than being forced to choose between pre-selected brands sold by the distributor, your options are practically limitless. You’ll also be able to glance over consumer reviews and find the products that are perfect for new riders, just like you.


There’s no shortage when it comes to safety as a beginner motorcycle rider, which is exactly why it’s so important that you purchase a helmet that fits right and that’ll protect you in case of emergency.


Bell is one of the leading manufacturers of motorcycle helmets, and for good reason too. When Bell designs new helmets, it’s guaranteeing a product that’ll provide all the necessary protection for your intended task. That means its motorcycle helmets are built purely for motorcyclists. You’ll have a decent selection of products that also offer visors, shields, and other accessories.


AGV motorcycle helmets are designed and produced in Italy. When it comes to the variety of motorcycle helmets to choose from, AGV’s product line is pretty hard to beat. Whether you’re looking for a sporty open-face helmet, sleek full-face helmet, or even a unique modular helmet, AGV will have exactly what you’re looking for, and allow you to look cool while you’re wearing it.


Icon Motosports truly sets the standard for what a high-quality, heavy-duty, unique-looking motorcycle helmet should look like. Rather than offering a product line consisting of only the basics, Icon’s helmets are like no other. Each helmet has a design loaded with bright colors, grungy patterns, or unique images that no other helmet distributor has even though to make.


For a smoother ride and less discomfort in your hands when you’re cruising down a two-lane highway, you’ll need a well-made pair of motorcycle gloves.


Whether you’re a beginner or just getting back into riding your motorcycle, Five has a vast assortment of motorcycle gloves for any purpose. Often constructed of unique materials like goatskin and cowhide leather, these gloves are easy to slip on and remove while also guaranteeing optimal protection. Their glove line varies in terms of glove length, material, and purpose while riding.


Alpinestars tends to produce motorcycle gloves that ride up your forearm a little bit more than other types of gloves. A majority of its gloves come with added features like pre-curved fingers to prevent excess strain in your fingers as you grip your handlebars, thick interior lining to keep your hands safe if you happen to get into an accident, and temperature control features to keep your hands cool or warm depending on the time of year.


Dainese has it all when it comes to nearly indestructible motorcycle gloves. Its products are designed to be breathable for added comfort and reduced sweat on long drives, windproof to protect you from your riding environment, and even allow you to use your smartphone device without removing your gloves. If you’re looking for incredibly thick gloves for guaranteed protection, Dainese would be your best bet.


When they say, “Prepare for the slide, not for the ride,” they really mean it, and that’s why it’s necessary to invest in a heavy-duty motorcycle jacket to protect you in extreme circumstances.


Revit doesn’t just produce the average motorcycle jacket, as you’ll be given the choice between three different styles: Urban, Adventure, and Sport. However, the company isn’t all about fitting into your personal clothing style. Each product distributed by Revit is tested for durability at the Revit Test Lab to guarantee that your jacket will protect, no matter what circumstances you find yourself in.


Icon is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality motorcycle jackets for any riding style. The company produces several different product types for all conditions, including rainy weather, riding at faster speeds, cruising in the hot summer months, or just staying comfortable while cruising. With such a wide variety, you can select a product that best fits your personal clothing and riding styles.


When it comes to heavy-duty leather jackets built for cruising on a motorcycle, the product line from Alpinestars is rather difficult to rival. No matter what your riding style is and the weather outside, Alpinestars has several motorcycle jackets that’ll meet your needs. Whether you choose leather, textile, or mesh jackets, you’ll be guaranteed a comfortable and efficient riding experience.


When it comes to choosing your riding outfit, you need to ensure that you’re wearing reinforced motorcycle pants to act as a barrier between your legs and the road if you struggle to stay upright while riding.


Unlike many motorcycle pants brands, Klim offers a variety of products that are perfect for any type of riding style. Now less bulky than ever, Klim’s motorcycle pants line still provides superior protection for any type of fall you might experience. There are plenty of styles available, ranging in color, fit, design, and overall durability. No matter which pair of pants you select, you’ll be highly satisfied with your choice.


Alpinestars motorcycle pants are the ideal product if you tend to ride your bike in cold weather or at night. Not only will these pants hold up any instances that would normally cause road rash, but they also fit rather nicely. Though there are fewer options in terms of design and colors, Alpinestars motorcycle pants are definitely made of high-quality material and will provide optimal protection in all circumstances.


If you prefer style options when it comes to your motorcycle pants, Scorpion has several products that might be suitable for your needs. Rather than the typical leather or textile design, the motorcycle pants produced by Scorpion range in design features, such as offering several pockets, being made to mimic the appearance of blue jeans, and having a few varieties available for female riders.


To complete your riding ensemble, you’ll need a pair of heavy-duty motorcycle boots to protect your feet from the weather, road, and heat coming from your exhaust pipe.


TCX motorcycle boots are perhaps the most versatile and durable motorcycle boots currently on the market. What’s great about TCX boots is the intentional focus the company placed on designing boots that are both comfortable and high-performance. The company is constantly releasing new models of motorcycle boots fit for any style, performance type, and desired physical appearance.


When you strap on a pair of Icon motorcycle boots, you’re guaranteeing yourself a safe and comfortable ride. You’ll have plenty of boot options perfect for your riding style or to match your motorcycle riding outfit. That means that Icon has motorcycle boots styled more for urban riding, more intense protection and durability, and extreme situations that require heavy-duty motorcycle boots.

Speed and Strength

Speed and Strength currently only has two motorcycle boot options designed specifically for men. A bit more casual in style, the leather riding boots distributed by Speed and Strength are ideal when it comes to providing adequate protection when cruising while also looking good at the same time. These boots are perfect for any beginner looking to ease their way into the motorcycle world.


Upon your entrance to the motorcycle world and introduction to other riders, you might want some sort of Bluetooth communication device to talk to the other that you’re riding with.


Cardo’s Bluetooth headsets and intercoms have vastly improved since their initial introduction in 2003. These are easily attached to the interior of your motorcycle helmet and will allow you to communicate with your riding buddies, make phone calls while driving, and even listen to your favorite songs on your smartphone.


Sena doesn’t just produce the average Bluetooth headset to allow you to talk to your friends while riding. This company develops products that can easily be installed inside your favorite riding helmet to enable you to talk to the friends in your riding group and listen to music from your smartphone.


UClear designs and sells high-quality helmet communication and speaker devices. With these products, you’ll be able to answer your smartphone without using your hands, listen to music as you drive, and even talk to the others in your group. These products are ideal for any rider that values entertainment and communication.