A motorcycle is the best vehicle consideration for those who prefer lower maintenance, gas prices, and speedy travel in and out of traffic. They’re much smaller, more maneuverable, and easier to take care of than a compact automobile or a sedan.

But before you get that beginner bike and zoom away on the freeway, you’ll need a license to ride first! Yep, just like owning a car, state law requires motorcycle riders need an official DMV-issued permit to ensure they know how to drive and keep everyone around you safe from accidents.

Keep reading to know how you can successfully get a beginner bike license in the great state of Arkansas.

Physical Requirements

  • Citizens interested in driving a motorcycle with a license need to be 16 years old.
  • They must acquire a permit and keep this without infractions for six months, just like when applying for an automobile license.
  • After which, citizens must pass a test on their vision, knowledge, and skills proctored by the DMV or state-approved police station. If you have taken a training course on a beginner bike before this, present your official documents for a possible exemption from the test’s skills portion.
  • The vision test proves your eyesight can handle near and far obstacles for safe riding. The knowledge test quizzes you on the motorcycle parts, road signs, traffic signals, and riding theories so you can manage certain road situations. Finally, the riding test puts all your knowledge into practice, so the DMV knows you are a well-rounded motorcyclist.

Document Requirements

The documentation for motorcycle licenses depends on the age of application. If you are a minor (16 years old), you must pass the following:

  • Motorcycle driving permit.
  • DMV vision test results.
  • DMV knowledge test results.
  • DMV skills test results.

However, if you are 18 years of age or older, the DMV considers you an adult. There is no need for a prior permit. You can instantly apply for a license and submit the following primary and secondary documents:

  • Primary (choose only those which apply to you)
  • A local or international birth certificate.
  • A local passport or passport card.
  • A foreign passport with a valid visa and I-94 certificate.
  • INS certificate of naturalization, certificate of citizenship, or permanent resident card.
  • Employment authorization card.
  • Secondary (choose only those which apply to you)
  • State ID card.
  • School ID.
  • Vehicle title or registration.
  • Marriage certificate.
  • Court order.
  • Other documentation that proves your identity.

There is no need to provide all as mentioned above. You can submit either:

  • Two primary documents
  • One primary and one secondary document.

Once you have these squared away and receive your license, you can ride your beginner bike!

Getting the License

License acquisition varies depending on your status in the state of Arkansas.

If you are a naturally-born citizen, the process involves:

  • Gaining and holding a permit for six months without infractions.
  • Submit your application for the said license online.
  • Taking the vision, knowledge, and skills test at the DMV or a state-approved police station. You may also need to pass a general driving knowledge exam if you do not have a driving license of any kind.
  • If you already have a Class D license, your riding privileges will be endorsed on that ID. Otherwise, you receive a separate credential.

Suppose you transfer to Arkansas from another state and have already gone through the above process. In that case, your credentials are carried over to the Arkansas DMV if your license is updated. If not, you must take a written and vision test (over one month overdue) or a written, vision, and skills test (one year overdue).

Before You Ride

Check which classifications you fall under to go through the best application process. These ensure the proper documentation, appropriate testing, and correct license credentials to keep you and everyone else protected when riding your beginner bike. It’s always better to be safe than sorry down the line.

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